Americana Mac N' Cheese - Just good old fashioned creamy baked Mac and Cheese!


The Mighty Fries  - fresh cut, never frozen!


Bar Chips - malanga, plantain and potato


Fried Bombas  - creamy potato & cheese croquettes

Prosciutto Brussels Sprouts  - sauteed w/ garlic and a duck fat blend (can be made vegetarian!)


Coleslaw - The Mighty’s secret slaw recipe


Potato Salad  - a classic recipe w/lemon zest


House Pickles - assorted pickled veggies



VEGGIE TACO - ANY TACO BELOW, but subbed with mushrooms


CARNE ASADA TACO   - diced onions, avocado, salsa verde, cilantro

GRILLED FISH TACO  - cabbage, avocado, crispy fried jalapeños, and cilantro cream

SPICY CHICKEN TACO   - marinated chicken, avocado, cotija cheese, pico de gallo, salsa roja

new!  PORK TACO   - Ask server for details

new! DUCK TACO   - Ask server for details


  Upgrades: Chicken / Shrimp / Tuna    

HOUSE SPECIAL - kale, romaine, red onions, croutons, grape tomatoes, carrots, orange vinaigrette, toasted nuts, queso fresco


THE MIGHTY CAESAR - romaine, croutons, parmesan, housemade caesar dressing, boquerones (aka: pickled-white-anchovies)

Pork & Smoked-Bacon Sausage - w/ roasted garlic and herbs.  Served over sauteed peppers and onions (+ green peppercorn mustard).


Chicken con Queso Sausage - stuffed with Queso Fresco, pickled jalapeño and Florida mango bits.  Served over sauteed leeks (+ traditional aioli).


Lamb Sausage- stuffed with fresh mint, cumin, garlic.  Served over sauteed leeks (+mint chimichurri).


Duck Sausage  - pork fat, orange zest, herbs de Provence.  Served over a bed of sauteed kale (+ sweet chili-onion confit).




Steak Frites - (8oz) Certified Angus flank steak, house cut fries, salad and chimichurri

SPECIAL OF THE DAY / $MP  (Ask server for details)

• Lamb Burger /  (Ask server for details)


(served with lettuce, tomato and onion)


Fried Chicken Sandwich  - Buttermilk breaded fried chicken breast, served on challah bread with Dijon-Jalapeño slaw and housemade Bar Chips on the side.

Caprese Chicken Sandwich -grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, spinach.  On focaccia bread with bar chips (+ basil-garlic aioli).


Seared Ahi Tuna Sandwich salt n’ pepper-crusted Ahi Tuna w/ pickled ginger on a soft roll (+ horseradish aioli).


The Mighty Burger - ground NY strip, filet mignon and chuck, served on a brioche bun with a side of fries (+ garlic aioli + ketchup).


Sliders Combo  - 2 sliders served w/ fries, either: a) Spicy Beef, b) Pork n’ Bacon, c) or both.

Fish n' Chips  

Kid's  Chicken n' Fries 

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